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Job Description of a Patient Registration Clerk

A job is very important. A job is a source of income. A job is very important from many perspectives. Job involves different duties and responsibilities. The job and career both are very important. Job can exist without career but career cannot exist without job. When there is job the career is active otherwise the career goes in active. There are different categories of jobs. There are various fields. Each field requires different jobs. The different jobs in each field have various categories. There are number of jobs in different streams. The medical and health industry also has the jobs. There are various categories of job in this industry as well. Some positions are prominent and universal in all job fields. The registration clerks are also seen and observed in other fields along with the medical field. The registration clerks are required in the hospitals and health centers. The registration clerks do different jobs of registration. There is a position of a patient registration clerk.

The patient registration clerk is the person who is responsible to register the patients who come to the hospital. The job description of a patient registration clerk include that the patient registration clerk has to register the patients who come to the hospitals or health centers. The patient registration clerks have to take all the details of the patient who is being registered. He should take all the necessary details about him like the name, age, sex, address, telephone number, reason of visit to hospital, whom he has to meet etc. A patient registration clerk has to even classify the patients into the out patients and admitted patients. There should be clear classification of these two groups. He also has to maintain the records of this information and present it to the hospital authorities from time to time.

People can take up the patient registration jobs as the temporary jobs. The temporary jobs are not permanent in nature. The receptionist jobs are also common in the hospitals. The hospitals need a receptionist as well to handle the visitors. The patient registration clerks and receptionist come under the admin jobs. The admin jobs cover the profile of these jobs.

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